Turn Your Backyard into a Zen Space

Zen garden and zen space. What exactly are these? Ideally, a zen space - usually the big or small garden in your backyard or around your home - is an area rich in ecosystem and full of life. It is peaceful, healthy and alive. At the very least, it's where you can meditate without distraction, and what you create with care that is harmless to yourself and the environment.If your current backyard needs a refresh to bring it more into the zen mode you're looking for, don't be overwhelmed. Remember that the zen concept for your DIY garden embraces the natural elements of the earth. It is also an ideal way to relax in the backyard, incorporate one mind & one body philosophy while creating balance and harmony with nature. Although a zen space can be whatever is aesthetically pleasing to you -- whenever we think of zen gardens, we are visualizing bamboo, comfortable seating, pergolas and breezy curtains.

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