1. I had a friend /another agency design my site, can you fix it?


2. How quickly can I get a site done?

It all depends on the size and content. We will evaluate the specifics during a one on one meeting.

3. Will you update the content of the site or will I?

Either scenario will work. How you wish to mange your site and it’s updates is your decision. We have a team of experts who can manage and optimize your site using SEO techniques regularly.

4. Is it a long process to get the information that you need?

No. We have a quick checklist of items and questions that will help our team develop the best possible site for your business that is tailored to your specific business and your goals.

5. What does web design affect?

Your site structure and design can affect your rankings, overall traffic, bounce rate and SEO. Therefore, your web design must be intuitive and easy to navigate so users have better interaction.

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