1. How long will it take to get me into the “organic listings? ABC company said they could do it in a month.

This is not a realistic expectation that will end well. There are things that can be done to rocket your site to top placement but they run the risk of getting you flagged by Google to expect.

2. How is the cost determined for you to manage my PPC campaign?

It depends on a number of factors ie; the number and popularity of keywords, scope of work needed on your site etc;

3. Isn’t Google the only search engine that I need to worry about?

No. Many other search engines like Yahoo and Bing should still be a part of any effective campaign.

4. How much will a PPC campaign cost?

This greatly depends on the popularity of the key words chosen that are relevant to your business, length of campaign, etc.

5. Should I participate in reciprocal linking with all the companies that email me?

No. Many are not reputable and will remove your links after a period of time and leave theirs on your sites.

6. A company approached me that just does link building. Should I use them too?

No. These companies and their methods are not usually reputable and it can damage your SEO efforts.

7. Can I just test it out month to month?

This type of marketing typically takes at least 3-4 months for all aspects of the campaign to begin making a noticeable impact on your results.

8. Can I get an estimate without giving access to my site (FTP/CPanel)?

No. We need to get an accurate picture of what has been done and where we need to go. Anyone who quotes a flat fee may not have as much experience or be using questionable tactics that might hurt your rankings.

9. Does adding my business to local directories help my SEO?

Yes. Including your business profile on local sites like Google+ and Yelp allows your business to be more visible in search results.

10. Are video’s important for SEO?

Definitely! Videos create immediate SEO results. Google’s emphasis on video results demonstrates it’s push for quality content since videos are more engaging.

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