1. Can you sell leads individually?

No, because it’s not our business model and it wouldn’t serve our consumers properly.

2. Aren’t you just a Lead Generation Company?

No, we’re a Marketing company. Our Local Contractor brand is a Referral Network.

3. Why do you call it a Referral, isn’t it just a Lead?

No, a Referral is never shared. We recommend only 1 Contractor to the Consumer. Whereas with a Lead it is sold to many contractors.

4. What companies did you sell leads to?

We sell leads to contractors, manufactures, lead aggregators & franchises.

5.Then how do you generate the leads you would sell me?

100% of those leads are generated from PPC/SEM campaigns on Google & Bing.

6. What other cities have you launched in?

7. What does it cost to list my company on the Directory?

There’s a monthly fee of $29(Ask your account manager about a free trial).

8. What are the benefits of listing my company on the Directory?

It increases your online presence and gives consumers another site to view your company profile.

9. Will I get referrals from the Directory?

Yes, but you will need to invest the time into building your profile.

10. Can you give me some free referrals?

Unfortunately, we do not give out sample leads.

11. How do you determine who gets it first?

We do what we refer to as Geo-target. Meaning, we find out where your sweet spot is as far as the actual areas of the county. Then we focus on providing you leads in that area. Of course we can’t control how many referrals are generated, but our goal is to best match you to the area of your choice. Take Broward County for Example: it has over 50 zip codes.

12. Are your referrals really exclusive?

Yes, we only refer 1 Contractor to each consumer.

13. Won’t they just go elsewhere?

No, we explain to the consumer that it is in their best interest not to use any of the other sites that claim to match them with multiple contractors. We simply explain that we’ve hand picked the best of the best in this area.

14. Won’t they still want to get more quotes?

Yes, but we suggest that they speak to their friends and neighbors to compare.

15. What does Call Verified Referrals mean?

Every referral that comes into our site is called within 5 minutes. Then we send it over to you via Email, Text or CRM.

16. What other Marketing Services do you offer?

We offer everything from online to offline services. Website Design, Social Media Management, Direct mail, Surveys, Email Marketing, Logos, Etc.

17. What do those services cost?

They range in price depending on your needs. If you tell me what services that you have in mind, I can ask our Marketing team to put together a quote for you.

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