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Why Choose Us?

Targeted Delivery

Local Contractor delivers leads in real-time to your CRM, Custom API or Email. Campaigns are easily configured to post qualified leads directly into any system. Our delivery methods include HTTP Post, SOAP and Direct Email. With Local Contractor CRM, integrating with your client’s system does not require hiring a programmer. Our simple interface will allow you to deliver leads of any vertical within five minutes.

Advanced Reporting

Our real-time reports will not leave you guessing which campaigns are performing well. Upon logging into Local Contractor CRM, your dashboard will present you with a summary of activity by vertical, client and vendor. Advanced reports include detailed transaction and campaign reports.

Lead Verification

Why pay for fake leads? With lead verification and lead scoring you can ensure you are only paying for the leads that pass these tests. Local Contractor will only sell leads that have passed the scoring test.


Local Contractor offers advanced filtering options throughout the system. If your targeted audience is geo specific or maybe you are only interested in certain income brackets, Local Contractor will ensure you are only buying and selling leads that match your filters.


Some clients will only accept leads during normal business hours. Local Contractor allows you to configure your client and vendor campaigns to restrict acceptance and delivery during off hours. Leads may become stale if they sit too long – scheduling keeps your leads fresh at all times.

Auto Responders

Stay in touch with your leads by using lead capsule auto responders. Configure personalized email messages for web forms, vendor campaigns and even when you sell a lead to a client. Email marketing is an important step in nurturing your leads.

How it Works

  • Homeowners search for your service online
  • The homeowner finds the Local Contractor website or ads
  • Your Contractor profile is shown to the homeowner
  • Homeowners tell us about their project
  • They request to get an estimate from a local pro in our network
  • We vet and verify every customer request to ensure quality
  • We validate their request and send you their information
  • We send the customer request to you by via CRM, email or SMS
  • You call the homeowner and schedule the appointment (Call Campaigns are available)
  • The homeowner profile page helps you seal the deal and get the job

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