Safe at Home: Renovation Projects to Help Keep Seniors Safe in Their Homes

Many of us feel safe at home - it's our happy place, a little haven where we can let loose and be ourselves. Naturally, we'd like to stay living in our homes independently for as long as possible. It may be time for you and your local contractor to consider some house modifications that will make your home safer and more accessible. Below is information about just a few possible home adaptations to allow you to age in place peacefully. Accessibility Even if no one in the home currently requires a wheelchair or other assistive devices, accessibility with such devices should be considered when planning your home renovation. Consider these home improvement projects: 1. Widen doorways that are narrower than 32 inches. Install a wheelchair ramp - this will offer.

The Benefits of Walk-In Bathtubs

The Benefits of Walk-In Bathtubs Whether you're a senior, have a senior loved one or know someone with low mobility, you may be considering having a walk-in bathtub installed for them. These models provide added security for anyone -- seniors, those with low mobility, younger children, and even those who need to wash their pets. Let’s discuss the reasons why a walk-in bathtub can be beneficial for many homeowners. 1. Walk-in Tubs are Easy to Step Into One of the major benefits of walk-in tubs is that they're easy to step inside. They don't have that large bath wall that you have to climb over in order to enter the tub. For someone who uses a wheelchair, this makes it easy to move from the chair to the seat inside.

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