Arizona: A Blend of Natural Beauty and Urban Sophistication

At LocalContractor, we’re all about connecting homeowners with quality local contractors across the United States. That said, let’s delve into what makes Arizona unique.

Population & Size: Arizona is the 6th largest state in the U.S., covering 113,990 square miles. As of 2021, it’s home to approximately 7.5 million people.

Types of Architecture: Arizona’s architecture is a fascinating blend of modern designs and Spanish-influenced structures. You’ll find territorial adobe styles and even Pueblo Revival alongside cutting-edge buildings.

Weather: Known for its hot desert climate, summers can reach scorching temperatures. But it’s not all heat; Arizona experiences mild winters, especially in the southern regions.

Top Cities: Phoenix, the state capital, is one of the fastest-growing cities in America. Other key cities include Tucson, Mesa, and Scottsdale, each offering a unique lifestyle and plenty of opportunities.

Professional Teams: Sports fans can root for the Arizona Cardinals (NFL), the Phoenix Suns (NBA), or the Arizona Diamondbacks (MLB). The state is a sports haven!

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