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Population and Size: Located in the southeastern region of the United States, Alabama is home to approximately 5 million residents. The state stretches over 52,420 square miles, offering a mix of urban and rural living environments.

Architecture and Housing Styles: From antebellum homes to modern condos, Alabama has a rich architectural history. Popular styles include Colonial, Craftsman, and Ranch homes.

Weather: The climate in Alabama is primarily humid subtropical, meaning you’ll likely need both heating and cooling solutions.

Top Cities: Birmingham, Huntsville, and Mobile are some of the largest cities where you’ll find a variety of contractors specializing in everything from home remodels to repairs.

Professional Sports Teams: If you’re a sports fan, Alabama is home to college football powerhouses but lacks professional sports teams.

Our Mission: At LocalContractor, we aim to connect Alabama homeowners with top-quality local contractors. Whether you’re looking to remodel your kitchen in Birmingham or need a new roof in Huntsville, we’ve got you covered.

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