5 Steps to a Non-Toxic Home Renovation

Looking to brighten up your home this year with some safer alternatives? With a few simple changes to your shopping list, you’ll have a chemical-free home in no time.Creating the healthier home environment you desire doesn’t have to be complicated. No need for a local contractor or expensive renovation when designing the chemical-free home of your dreams. Take these simple steps and you'll begin noticing the difference right away:1. Replace hazardous chemicals with formaldehyde free or non-toxic alternatives.Start your home-detox by ousting likely culprits such as bleach, ammonia, or detergent style soaps. Cleaning products such as vinegar, baking soda, and non-toxic soaps are readily available and affordable.  While some of the fancy soaps might cost you a little extra, you can’t put a price on a healthier home environment.2. Many products.

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